VCD - SHENMUE the Movie
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    Featuring animation from the classic Dreamcast game, Shenmue the Movie is set in Yokosuka, Japan, in the year 1986. The normally tranquil life of Ryo Hazuki is suddenly and irrecoverably shattered by unwanted visitors. A man wearing dark green Chinese clothes appears at the Hazuki family home with two black suited thugs. This man uses a powerful style of martial arts, the likes of which Ryo has never before seen, to engage his father Iwao in a fierce battle. Ryo attempts to intervene, but the obvious disparity in power is too much and he is beaten down and taken hostage as the man questions Iwao, "Where is the mirror?"

    Having no other recourse, Iwao reluctantly tells him. Once this mysterious object is in the man's possession, he again attacks Iwao. "Do you remember Zhao Sun Ming?"

    From these words Ryo learns a shocking truth from the past - His father was responsible for killing someone long ago. And then Iwao is knocked down in defeat.

    And thus Ryo must begin his life's journey...

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    English dialogue, Chinese subtitles.
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