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    From the producers of Shall We Dance, Water Boys is a goofy and charming comedy about a group of misfits in an all-boys high school who find acceptance and a sense of achievement in a synchronised swimming team.

    High school senior Suzuki is the last remaining member of the lackluster swim team, which is on the verge of being closed down, when the arrival of a cute female instructor prompts a sudden boost in interest. However, when she reveals her dream of coaching a synchronized swimming team the numbers plummet again, leaving only five boys. When their coach's pregnancy takes her out of the picture, the boys are left to train themselves and develop their own routine for the school festival.

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    Original Japanese dialogue, English subtitles. This is the Singapore release.
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    Positive feedback ratingWow… this is a delightful movie & it arrived in time for Christmas Thank YOU!
    Buyer rosered_mn ( 322Feedback score is 100 to 499) Dec-19-05 11:556456395547
    Positive feedback ratingWonderful, It exceeded my expectations! Thanks a lot. A+++
    Buyer amyheartsjapan ( 1 ) Dec-01-05 19:546449289276
    Positive feedback ratingLooks great. This will make a great Birthday present for my daughter. Thanks.
    Buyer bert_neavers ( 51Feedback score is 50 to 99) Aug-17-04 07:216305031726
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