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  • Release Date
    8th October, 2004 (Age of Mythology Gold Edition)
    8th November, 2002 (Age of Mythology)
    3rd October, 2003 (Age of Mythology: The Titans)


    PC PC

    Bruce Shelley, Ensemble Studios

    Age of Mythology Gold EditionAGE OF MYTHOLOGY GOLD compilation
    The Age of Mythology Gold Edition includes the original Age of Mythology and its only expansion, Age of Mythology: The Titans.

    Be transported to a time when heroes did battle with legendary monsters, and the gods intervened in the affairs of mortal men. In Age of Mythology and The Titans, play as one of 12 unique civilizations from ancient Greek, Norse, Egyptian and Atlantean mythologies. Reinforce your armies with mythological creatures like Cyclopes and Medusas or call upon the mighty powers of gods such as Zeus to rain down lightning bolts on unsuspecting enemies. Age of Mythology also incorporate Ensemble Studios' trademark features from previous Age of Empires games, including a compelling economic model, a massive army and battle system, unequaled artificial intelligence, random maps, intuitive gameplay and extreme attention to detail.

    Create armies, develop your civilization through the ages and manage economics through resource gathering and trade. The mythological excitement begins when you call upon the gods to act on your behalf, or reinforce your armies with more than 25 mythological creatures. Ensemble Studios' 3D engine adds a deep richness of graphical detail to create an innovative game based on the ancient history of the Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythologies.
    • Graphics Worthy of the Gods - Age of Mythology features beautiful environments, buildings, units and special effects rendered in full 3D using Ensemble's revolutionary game engine. Hundreds of unit animations bring the game world to life; watch units fighting using a variety of attack and defense maneuvers. In addition to beautiful cascading waves and lifelike terrain, the special effects in Age of Mythology include water spouts, infernos, lava, tornadoes, earthquakes and lightening with astonishing levels of detail.
    • A Game for Everyone - Age of Mythology offers diverse game modes and a variety of settings for novice and experienced real-time strategy fans alike. In-game cinematic scenes create a seamless, story-based and character-driven campaign. In addition, Age of Mythology is easy to learn, with an intuitive, streamlined interface.
    • Replayability - The game offers more than 15 map types, 13 game variants and five starting conditions in its multiplayer lineup. Nine highly differentiated civilizations and the inclusion of a random map generator keep gamers coming back to play.
    • To Hades and Back - Petition the gods for favors in the game. Persuade Ra to strike an enemy's city center with a meteor; enlist Thor to trap opponents in a snow squall; or beg Poseidon to swamp an attacking fleet. Reinforce your armies with Minotaurs, griffons, giants, Cyclops and many other mythological creatures. Seek out hidden treasures like the Golden Fleece and Hades' Helm of Invisibility while traveling through underworld domains, rough seas or a vast desert.
    • Divine Gameplay True to the "Ages" - Age of Mythology preserves many familiar elements from the Age of Empires games - including wonders, technology trees, ages and civilization bonuses - while enabling skill-based combat decisions. Smarter units allow you to make better use of inherent strengths and terrain advantages.
    The lost civilization of Atlantis returns in Age of Mythology: The Titans. The expansion includes a new single-player campaign, scores of new mythological units, the ability to promote units to heroes, and, of course, the opportunity to harness the awesome powers of the Titans. The battle for heaven and earth continues as the Atlanteans enter the Age of Mythology.
    • Atlantean Mythology - Take advantage of exclusive features that allow the Atlanteans to dominate their opponents. They can use their Titan god powers multiple times to demolish the opposition, promote selected units within the culture to hero status, and reap the benefits of a culture with new features, such as the ability to control time and space. They also can explore new maps and expand the "playground of the gods."
    • An Extended Story Line - The Titans adds another important chapter to the AoM folklore with new scenarios to explore and conquer. In-game cinematics help to integrate and further enrich the game's story.
    • A New Victory Condition - The expansion pack will unveil the incredible powers of the Titan gods, which can be unleashed by the Atlanteans who worship them. Create a Titan unit that dwarfs everyone else and employ it to wreak havoc and rain destruction on enemy civilizations.
    • Additional Powers, Heroes and Mythological Units - The Titans brings the ancient world to life in more detail than ever before with exciting gameplay elements and characters. In addition, new myth and human units allow you to build your civilization and go into battle in a nearly infinite number of ways.
    Designed by Bruce Shelley (Railroad Tycoon, Sid Meier’s Civilization) and Ensemble Studios (Age of Empires I & II, Age of Mythology, Age of Empires III). GameSpy lists the original Age of Empires as #14 on its Top 50 Games of All Time. Age of Empires III is amongst GameSpy’s 2005 Top Ten PC Games of the Year and PC Gamer’s Editors’ Choice, and has sold over two and a half million copies at the release of the second expansion, The Asian Dynasties.

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