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    Warren Spector, Looking Glass

    Thief GoldTHIEF GOLD
    Sneak Through the Darkness and Silence the Enemy...

    The Gold Edition of the classic Thief The Dark Project from superstar designer Warren Spector and Looking Glass Studios. The Thief series is widely considered to be the precursor to Deus Ex, and is notable for creating the "first-person sneaker" genre.

    • Three new levels.
    • Updated versions of previous missions.
    • Detailed graphics.
    • Intriguing storyline.
    • Raycast lighting, realistic physics modeling, and motion-capture movement.
    GameSpy lists this game as #40 on its list of the Top 50 Games of All Time - Looking Glass Studios turned the "shooter" genre on its ear with the release of Thief The Dark Project in 1998. Unlike other first-person shooters that had come before it, success in Thief was entirely dependant upon the player's ability to sneak through darkened corridors and evade unwanted attention. This dark and stylish action/adventure combined an entertaining plot, well-produced cutscenes, fantastic and occasionally psychedelic level design, perfect use of 3D sound, realistic combat, and nail-biting gameplay into a single, addictive package. As Garrett, a cynical and world-weary master thief, the player explored an ancient city where magic and primitive technology coexist. Looking Glass Studios followed up the success of Thief with Thief Gold and Thief 2 The Metal Age.

    Legendary designer Warren Spector is notable for creating the "First-Person Sneaker" genre, with such hits as the legendary Thief series, the System Shock series and the Deus Ex series. While he was at Ion Storm Austin, the studio created Deus Ex and Thief III Deadly Shadows. Previously, he was at Looking Glass Studios. Looking Glass Studios released Thief The Dark Project, Thief II The Metal Age, the System Shock series and the Ultima Underworld series. Warren Spector begun video game design at Origin Systems, where he has worked on several of the classic Ultima and Wing Commander titles.
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    Buyer ool272 ( 19Feedback score is 10 to 49) Mar-21-06 21:418256228125
    Positive feedback ratingThanks! Item came in great condition. :)
    Buyer  takog ( 2 )  Jan-14-06 15:108245313848
    Positive feedback ratingquick shipping, impressive packaging, great item A+++++++++++++++++++
    Buyer  iulianalexandru ( 21Feedback score is 10 to 49)  Jan-11-06 09:338245313894
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