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  • Release Date
    4th August, 2001


    PC PC, PSX PS2

    Warren Spector, Ion Storm Austin

    Question Everything

    The Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition features an all-new multiplayer mode and a new head-to-head deathmatch mode. Also included is a software development kit, so you'll be able to create both single and multiplayer missions from scratch, as well as modify existing ones. Finally, there is the DX Desktop Theme for Windows.

    From legendary designer Warren Spector and Ion Storm Austin, this game has won so many awards it's almost impossible to list them all, including GameSpy's Top 50 Games of All Time and multiple Game of the Year awards.

    The year is 2052. Civilization is near collapse. The middle class no longer exists. Terrorists operate openly - killing thousands; drugs, disease and pollution kill even more. The world's economies are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor grows ever wider. From this maelstrom of violence and suffering an ancient conspiracy bent on world omination emerges from the shadows of legend. The conspirators' greatest strength? No one believes they exist. No one but you.

    Immerse yourself in an intricate web of betrayal and intrigue as you attempt to uncover power struggles, hidden agendas and the dark conspiracy behind it all. Travel the globe building a network of allies and create an alter identity to aid you in your search for the truth. There is no one path to success. It is achieved through various many means; employ stealth, strategy or force, the choice is yours. But remember; trust no one. Even those who you keep as allies may be more than they seem. Question Everything.
    • Incorporates the role-playing, action, adventure and 1st person shooter genres into a chaotic blend of real world conspiracies, cliffhangers and plot twists.
    • Explore a richly simulated world of unparalleled interactivity, engineered to react logically to your every action. The decisions and consequences are yours.
    • A globe-hopping, epic adventure. Travel the world from New York to Paris to Hong Kong exploring locations recreated from detailed maps, blueprints and photographs.
    • Character interaction that matters. How you choose to deal with scores of NPC's affects the outcome of the game, minute-to-minute, mission-to-mission, start to finish.
    • Invent a compelling alter ego. Employ nanotech augmentations and determine which weapons and objects you need to survive. Skills, weapon and item selections ensure that no two players will end the game with similar characters.
    • Multiple solutions to problems and character development choices ensure a varied game experience. Talk, fight or use skills to get past obstacles as the game adapts itself to your style of play.
    • Strong storyline: Built on "real" conspiracy theories, current events and expected advancements in technology. If it's in the game, someone, somewhere believes it.
    • Will you be the charismatic master manipulator, the shrewd and stealthy tactician, or the deadly avenging angel?

    Legendary designer Warren Spector is notable for creating the "First-Person Sneaker" genre, with such hits as the legendary Thief series, the System Shock series and the Deus Ex series. While he was at Ion Storm Austin, the studio created Deus Ex and Thief III Deadly Shadows. Previously, he was at Looking Glass Studios. Looking Glass Studios released Thief The Dark Project, Thief II The Metal Age, the System Shock series and the Ultima Underworld series. Warren Spector begun video game design at Origin Systems, where he has worked on several of the classic Ultima and Wing Commander titles.

    PC PC System Requirements
  • Windows XP/ME/98/95
  • 200MHz Pentium II MMX or AMD Athlon processor - 300MHz P2 recommended
  • 32Mb RAM - 64Mb RAM recommended
  • DirectX 7.0a-compliant 3-D accelerated video card
  • 150Mb harddisk space (plus space for saved games, Windows swap-file and DirectX)
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    Positive feedback ratingThe games was brand new, never used. Good communication. Thank You. A+++++++
    Buyer  jessieasc ( 2 )New eBay Member ( less than 30 days) Jan-27-05 21:078154223876
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