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    Tropico GoldTropicoTROPICO GOLD compilation
    Congratulations on your recent rise to power, Presidente! And might I add, you're looking especially powerful today. The people of Tropico are truly blessed to have such a wise ruler as yourself. I'm sure you're anxious to start exercising your new power and improving the island of Tropico - there is much to be done.

    The definitive collection for Tropico fans, the Tropico Gold Edition contains -
    • Tropico
    • Tropico Paradise Island expansion
    • 12 All-New Scenarios
    • Official Strategy Guide by Brady Games on CD
    • Exclusive Making-Of Video
    • Over two hours of original, award-winning Latin music.

    As the newly instated dictator of an obscure Caribbean Island, you will build a path of progress for your sapling nation, overcoming poverty, strife and other evils - or will you? Maybe you'll rub your hands in glee as you crack the whip, erect hotels and stash your millions away in a Swiss bank account! Whichever - you're certain to have a whole lot of fun!

    Combining building-oriented gameplay with a healthy dose of Latin American political intrigue - Tropico bundles it all up in a fun, totally original and utterly addictive package.
    • Using a modified version of the Railroad Tycoon 2 3D engine, Tropico contains high-res sumptuous landscapes complete with ambient animations such as clouds, people going about their daily lives, wildlife and trees swaying in the breeze.
    • Over 100 structures to erect, from banana plantations to copper mines and casinos to fresh spas. PopTop have put a lot of research in, and visually, the buildings will all have a very Latin American circa 1950's feel (ie slightly dilapidated!).
    • You will need to decide what kind of a leader you are - your personal history, flaws and qualities. Will you be a father to the nation or a heartless corrupt dictator? Naturally, how you are will immediately effect how your people view you.
    • The People - Unlike other similar games where cash, conquest or property are the key to your success, in Tropico the people are. To stay in power you will need their support, either though good deeds, bribery or less subtle means of persuasion!
    • The AI - Whilst you have no direct control over your people, they will react to what you build and how you treat them - build a hospital - and a doctor will arrive - a mine - workers will begin to mine but starve them of food and eventually you'll have a revolt! Another unique aspect is that every citizen is an individual with a different background, attitude and motivation.
    • Classic Strategy - How will you treat your people? What will you import/export? Who to befriend - USA or USSR? Tornado's, peasant uprisings and political scandals will just be a few of the challenges you will need to overcome though planning, diplomacy or force.
    • Fun! - Tropico is completely light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek - being the bad guy has never been so tempting or as fun!
    The Paradise Island expansion features new scenarios, people, vehicles and buildings to increase the power of El Presidente and intensify your lust for power.

    The disastrous effects of tropical weather force you to bow to Mother Nature's will. Her fury abounds in the form of hurricanes and tropical storms, hoof and mouth disease and red tide. These disasters translate into both economic and human losses. Fragile buildings crumble, including homes, docks and bunkhouses. Crops are lost and morale decreases. As El Presidente, you must restore the island's beauty and the people's faith in you.
    • More than 20 new scenarios, with a Gilligan's Island spoof, other tourism options and military challenges.
    • More than a dozen new building types, including El Presidente's Childhood Home, a Colonial Fort and a Duty-Free Shop.
    • New characters, including "Eco-Tourist" and "Spring Break Tourist," with boats catered to their personalities.
    • Upgrades and new edicts, such as a "World Geographic Special" that draws more Eco-Tourists, and a Social Security system to increase El Presidente's respect among voters.
    • New dictator attributes that allow ruthless rulers to lord over their specialized tourist meccas.
    • Game play enhancements, including full rotation of many buildings, a more powerful version of Martial Law, and faster construction.
    Tropico Gold Cover Scan
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    More info (System Requirements, Cheats, etc.) can be found at our Tropico site.

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